Healthy, Robust Pink

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the-pink-cadillac-david-patterson Blue for boys, pink for girls, right? Well, it wasn’t always that way. In the early 20th century, and right up through WW2, pink was seen as synonymous with health, vigor and strength...just right for an early 1900s boy. Blue, on the other hand was thought of as more delicate and dainty – a better fit for a little girl. Fellas, it’s time to reclaim pink. It’s a shade of red. Red like a matador’s cape. Red like a firetruck. Red like Michael Jordan’s jersey. See? Nothing to be afraid of there. And it looks sharp. Put a pink sport shirt on under that grey plaid blazer and you’ll be seen as the guy who’s secure in his masculinity. The guy who isn’t afraid to mix it up sartorially. Now you’re the rebel. A pink pocket square? Why not. Socks? I’d like to see someone stop you. Pink Floyd, Pink Cadillac, Pink Flamingoes…It’s all good. Branch out, gentlemen. Think pink.


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