FAQ – Product:


  1. What makes a Thomas Dean shirt different?
  2. Literally dozens of little details.  A high level of craftsmanship commonly found only in hand-sewn pieces is evident in everything from our crisp, tailored neckbands to single-needle stitched seams which add strength and clean lines.  Our fabric and finish have a high-end feel to the touch, and we fully match patterns on plackets and cuffs.  And don’t even get us started about how nice our buttons are.


  1. How do Thomas Dean shirts fit?
  2. We make several “fits”. Our regular fit sport shirt has a classic fit – cut full through the chest, waist and armholes.  It’s the best fit for a broad or athletic build.  We also make a tailored fit sport shirt.  To develop the tailored fit, we tweaked our classic fit by trimming a few inches off the chest and one inch off the waist for a slimmer silhouette. 


  1. Will a Thomas Dean shirt shrink when washed?
  2. Our shirts are not pre-washed, therefore we cut our shirts to allow for shrinkage. You can expect a modest 2% - 3% shrinkage in total and it may take up to seven launderings, due to variances in water temperature and drying.


  1. What do the laundering symbols on my Thomas Dean & Co tag mean?
  2. Wash in Cold Water Do not Bleach Tumble Dry Low Heat Iron Medium Heat


    1. How do I figure out my size?
    2. In order to find a correct fit, you’ve got to start with knowing your measurements. Take out your smartphone and start a new note called “Measurements” (you only want to do this once).  Grab a tape measure and a (trusted) friend.   First measure your neck, measuring around the middle at the Adam’s apple, and allow room for one index finger between your neck and the tape.   Next measure around your chest right under the armpit and straight across the shoulder blades.  Measure your sleeve length starting at the middle of your back directly below your neck.  Run the tape across the shoulder and bent elbow to the knob at the wrist.  Finally, measure around your natural waistline, keeping the tape comfortably loose. 


    1. What’s the difference between Tall and Big & Tall?
    2. Our Tall shirts are merely our regular shirts cut with a longer sleeve and body. The Big & Tall sizes are cut larger in girth and in length.


    1. Where can I purchase Thomas Dean?
    2. Online or at fine retailers across the country. Visit our Store Locator page to find a retailer in your area.


    1. Do you reproduce styles year-after-year? Or, if you’re out of stock, will you get more in?
    2. At this time we don’t produce any “perennial” styles. The fabrics we choose to make our shirts from are often limited runs, specifically designed for us. 


    1. How do I get replacement buttons?
    2. All of our shirts come with a packet of replacement buttons and collar stays. If you run out and need more, contact us at info@thomasdean.com.  Provide the color and type (collar, front placket, sleeve) of button you need replaced and your mailing address. 


    1. Can TD shirts be dry cleaned? What are the care instructions?
    2. We recommend laundering, either at home or by a professional. If you launder at home, first, pre-treat for stains.  Then, turn the garment inside out, which seems counter-intuitive, but it protects everything from the buttons to any embellishments on the fabric.  Machine wash on a regular cycle in cold water.  Tumble dry on low heat to damp dry.  Ideally, iron your shirt while it is still damp. 


     FAQ – Company


    1. Where is Thomas Dean located?
    2. Thomas Dean is a bi-coastal company! Our design and sales team are in New York and our distribution, finance and e-commerce team are in the Seattle-area.


    1. Is there a person named Thomas Dean?
    2. The name “Thomas Dean” is a hybrid of the two principal owners, Thomas Bonomo and Dean Holly.



    FAQ – Orders


    1. Q. How soon after I place an order will it be shipped?
    2. If you place an order before 11:30 am Pacific Time, your order will ship the same day.


    FAQ – Shipping


    1. Where is your distribution center located?
    2. Our distribution center is located in the Seattle-area.


    1. What shipping method do you use?
    2. We use UPS. Regular ground service is our default method of shipping, however, you can upgrade your shipping to UPS 3-Day or 2-Day.  If you need something shipped overnight, give us a call for a quote.


    1. Do you ship outside the United States?
    2. We partner with an international freight-forwarding service called Bongo. Bongo provides international customers with their own US shipping address.  Once you have the address, you can place an order on our site.  See our Shipping page to sign-up with Bongo.



    FAQ – Returns/Exchanges


    1. What is your Return Policy?
    2. It’s pretty simple; any unlaundered item in restock-able condition, purchased within 30 days can be returned. A return envelope is included with each order.  We ask that you print and include a Thomas Dean Return Form.