Off the Cuff — sport coat

I Shall Wear the Bottoms of My Trousers Rolled” –TS Elliott

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The Cape in Autumn: sand dunes, oyster shacks, a cigar stroll amid the wildflowers. There is a very definite style to the architecture here, but even more so to the clothing. Whether you’re checking out the cranberry festival or relaxing on the ferry back from Provincetown, you’ll notice that the natives have an effortless style that seems perfectly appropriate for clambakes and concerts alike. Sure, the pant legs might be rolled up for a sunset walk on the beach, or clipped to keep your bike chain from catching, but the polos, long-sleeved cotton shirts and the sockless loafers are smart,...

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Healthy, Robust Pink

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Blue for boys, pink for girls, right? Well, it wasn’t always that way. In the early 20th century, and right up through WW2, pink was seen as synonymous with health, vigor and strength...just right for an early 1900s boy. Blue, on the other hand was thought of as more delicate and dainty – a better fit for a little girl. Fellas, it’s time to reclaim pink. It’s a shade of red. Red like a matador’s cape. Red like a firetruck. Red like Michael Jordan’s jersey. See? Nothing to be afraid of there. And it looks sharp. Put a pink sport...

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