TD Guide to Clothing Care


You've made a substantial investment in your wardrobe. The more you know, the better off your wardrobe will be.  We've compiled and simplified some of the industry's most salient information. Need replacement buttons or collar stays? See our Help page.



Care labels can often be difficult to decode. However, a little symbol knowledge goes a long way.  Our care label is located at the bottom of the shirt's front placket.  Learn more about How to Care for a Shirt in this blog post


If you know these symbols . . .

Wash Warm


Non-Chlorine Bleach When Needed


Tumble Dry Low

Tumble Dry

Iron Medium


Dry Clean

Dry Clean



and these codes . . .





Regular Cycle


Gentle Cycle


Do Not




Thomas Dean uses only 100% Zegna Baruffa extra fine merino wool to create our sweaters.   The result is a soft, close fit, light weight sweater, perfect for layering.






How to Iron a Shirt

Thomas Dean uses a unique multi-process finish that strengthens the fabric, keeps it looking fresh all day, and makes our shirts easy to care for and easy to iron. 

If it's been a while since you familiarized yourself with the business end of an iron, read on.  Armed with a good iron and the right information, you can save time and money by taking clothing care into your own hands.


Tips before you start:

 Invest in a good iron and then protect your investment by using room temperature, distilled water to keep mineral deposits from forming. 


 Iron a shirt in this order (it really does make a difference):

  1. Collar - Face the collar face-down and iron from the outside toward the inside.
  2. Cuffs - Iron the cuff from the inside
  3. Sleeves - Iron the "inside" starting from mid-sleeve and working toward the top, then toward the cuff.
  4. Shoulders
  5. Right Shirt Front  - iron over the buttons from the "wrong" side, then flip it over and iron the front.
  6. Shirt Back
  7. Left Shirt Front  - finish with the button placket.

 If you prefer a visual, we like this video.