C3 Core Control Comfort©

 C3C Core Control Comfort


Revolutionizing modern menswear, we took technology utilized to outfit the world's top performance sports athletes, combined it with sophisticated tailoring and luxurious natural fibers to create:





By using the best technology in activewear to create a sportswear collection, we have designed clothes that could withstand the rigor of work and daily life while maintaining the ideal core control comfort© and look great at the same time. 


In style, the ultimate luxury is Comfort!


Performance Meets Luxury



Just as 37.5® technology pulls moisture out of professional athlete's gear, it functions continuously to move moisture out of your clothing and give you that core control comfort.  When moisture is removed, you are cooler when it's hot and warmer when the temperature drops.


C3 Natural Performance Fabrics



Intelligent Thermoregulation


37.5® technology absorbs the infrared light from your body and uses that to thermoregulate. When you're hot, 37.5® technology uses this energy to speed evaporation of moisture; when you're cold, it returns energy to warm the body. This enables your core to maintain the optimum micro-climate in any environment whether you are hard at work or running your daily errands.