Who's Your Daddy?

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dadsWhat defines a dad? He fixes things like flat tires and broken hearts. When we were little, he taught us to shake hands like we meant it, to look people in the eye when we spoke, and to always follow through on promises.  With or without biological ties, he showed us that caring for someone isn't exclusively a feminine trait. So, whether you're called pop, dad, daddy, father, grandpa or uncle, or even by your given first name, this message is for you.  This Father's Day, we may be getting you a grill or a classically cut Thomas Dean shirt to make you even more handsome than you are. Maybe there's a bottle of whiskey in your future or a round of golf. What we really hope you know is that whatever we give you for Father's Day, it's a tiny down payment toward what you've given us. Love you, Dad. Now, if you're shopping for that fatherly man in your life , there are some things you need to know. The easiest way is to first figure out where he falls in the style continuum. Is he Luxury, Classic, Contemporary or Trendy?  Here's a simple way to figure this one out:   Classic inklinen The Classic Guy has probably worn the same favorites since high school. Think navy blazer, blue oxford and khaki pants. This kind of guy can mix and match his staples in a hundred different ways. Classic guy is never out of place, and he wears pink like no one else can. He can pack for a weekend away in a monogrammed Land's End tote bag with extra room for a couple bottles of wine. Try: The Thomas Dean Modern Spread Collar Linen Shirt in pink         Contemporary shoes The Contemporary Guy is modern and dresses sleek. He may have worn oxfords and blue jeans in school but a few years out of college and he's on the fast track at that big company. This guy's style has changed as he matures. Think black jeans, white t-shirt and a fitted blazer. He's willing to take some risks but he prefers his personality to shine rather than his clothes. His weekend away bag is a black Briggs & Riley carry on packed with black, grey, white and blue. Try: The Thomas Dean Navy Lace-up Wingtip Oxfords           Trendy pants The Trendy Guy was the one who tried every new style in high school. He wasn't afraid to try parachute pants or wide ties. He wore a pink tuxedo to his senior prom because his date wore pink too and hey, why should she have all the fun? Today, he still experiments with trends. He reads the men's magazines and shops for himself. He can easily take a trend off the pages and make it his own. Think long sleeved tee, vest, colorful pants and a hat. Some guys couldn't carry this look off but Trendy Guy is an inspiration wherever he goes. His weekend away bag is his grandfather's hunter green vintage suitcase, large enough to fit his multiple outfits for the weekend. Try: The Thomas Dean Red Italian Pants       Luxury blazer Oh, the Luxury Guy. He has classic style and appreciates tradition. Sure, most of his closet is custom-made but he knows classically well made clothes when he sees them. He buys off the rack when he finds something quality made and when he does, he tends to buy it in every color. You'll find him in Italian-made clothes more often than not and he is quite the fan of green, blue and gold. His weekend bag is  the Zero Halliburton Geo Aluminum which is carefully packed on his jet. Try: The Thomas Dean Checked Blue Blazer from the Italian Collection. No time to shop?  Send an e-Gift or TD Gift Card.


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