What’s So Great About 100% Zegna Baruffa Extra-fine Merino Wool? (Turns out, plenty.)

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Ten Reason to Buy Merino   1. It’s light, and crazy warm: Punching way above its weight class, it has a weight-to-warmth metric that other materials can’t come close to. 2. It’s a 3-season material: It is called extra-fine for a reason. It breathes, and unlike bulky wool sweaters, can be layered in late September or fly solo in early May, and all of the days in between. 3. It’s the highest grade of Merino wool: Remember the Cadillac Cimarron? The Chevy-Cavalier-with-a-hood-ornament was a Cadillac in name, but it didn’t fool anyone. Those big box $39 merino wool sweaters are the same hustle. There’s Merino wool, and there’s Zegna Baruffa Extra-fine Merino. 4. It’s going to last: This is the sweater your grandkids will find at the family cabin and try to steal. You’re buying a future vintage classic! 5. It’s soft: Softer than that spot in your heart for the first girl you kissed under the bleachers. 6. It’s Italian: (No need to elaborate.) 7. Elasticity of yarn: Nothing worse than a sweater that stretches, then doesn’t bounce back. 8. Bragging rights: How many items can any of us afford to own that are actually the finest in the entire world? 9. Living Color: The blues and greys and browns and greens stay bright and bold and beautiful. 10. You’re worth the good stuff.    


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