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Q:  "I want to buy my boyfriend a Thomas Dean shirt for his birthday. I'm looking in his closet and his TD shirts say XLT.  But I see several different Tall fits on your site.  Which "fit" does he need?"


A:  If you're shopping for a bigger, larger, awesomer man, here's what you need to know:

At TD we make 4 different men's sport shirt "fits":

  • Regular Fit - a classic  - cut fuller through the chest, waist and arms 
  • Tailored Fit - cut 1 - 1 1/2 inches trimmer thru the chest and waist
  • Tall Fit - Our Regular Fit just cut longer in the sleeve and body for tall guys
  • Big & Tall Fit - Our most generous cut, for guys with bigger physiques

Until Spring 2017, we used the same size labels in our Tall sport shirts and our Big & Tall sport shirts, even though they have a much different cut.  Our bad!  We've since mended our negligent ways (pun intended).

Collateral damage: that XLT shirt hanging in the closet of your big squeeze may be a Big & Tall fit sport shirt  . . .or. . . . it may be a regular fit Tall sport shirt.  How to tell?  You probably don't have his neck, waist and sleeve measurements tattoo'd on your wrist, right?  So, you need to ask yourself, is the guy you're buying for 6'3 and 300 lbs?  A former college football player?  He's probably a Big & Tall buyer.  

Big & Tall Collection sport shirts are cut generously through the torso. As of Spring 2017, we began adding the "Big & Tall" designation to the size label.  

When you're shopping on the Thomas Dean web site, navigate to the Big & Tall Collection if you're shopping for a guy that might other wise shop at Big & Tall stores or in the Big & Tall section of a major retailer.  

For specific measurements, here's a link to our Big & Tall Fit Guide.  Scroll down to the Big & Tall table.  

Hope this helps you find your right TD sport shirt fit!

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