The Best Spring Break Beaches

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Spring Break used to mean Ft. Lauderdale, 6 college students to a room, sunburns and cheap booze. Sure, if you really wanted to, you could still do that, but you're older and you're wiser and frankly, the days of living with 5 other guys in one hotel room are over. We wondered what else was out there for best beaches and we found so many tantalizing options that we're ready to pack our bags: swim trunks, polos, shorts and a few linen shirts. Good to go.

Here are our picks for best Spring Break Beaches: Disney's Yacht Club  Disney + the beach were a brilliant combination. Dunk your toes in the sand-bottomed enormous pool. Matira Beach, Bora Bora Turquoise water, privacy and lush meals. Yes, sign us up. Romance for the two of you abounds. St. Tropez, France Yes, it is everything you could imagine and more. Feel like Cary Grant in "To Catch a Thief." Sanibel Island If you're into seashells, this is the place for you. Fresh seafood, swaying palm trees and pretty pink shells. Uvala Dubovica, Hvar Island, Croatia  Be the only one in your group of friends who has ventured to this extraordinary Dalmation Coast beach. Ibiza  If you REALLY like to party, head over to Ibiza where the party goes until 6am. You can always sleep it off on the beach with a new friend. South Padre Island, Texas OK, so you really really loved living the fraternity lifestyle. Then head to South Padre Island where you will be quite at home. Acapulco If you love your water sports, Acapulco is your destination. Atlantis Resort, Bahamas We once spent a week at the resort and we still couldn't do everything offered. If you like a place where the kids can discover water mammals and you can throw the dice, Atlantis is your choice. Panama City, Florida  If the best week of your life was spent with five friends in a tiny beach hotel, then pack your bags for Panama City, Florida and recreate your halcyon college days. Before you head out for Spring Break, head over to for a few things to take on your trip. Because we want you to have some extra money for cool drinks by the pool, we're offering 25% off shorts, swim trunks and polos. Use code SUNNY through 3/31.


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