The 5 Shirts Every Man Needs in His Closet

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The blue oxford shirt is ubiquitous. So is the blue blazer. Throw in a pair of khakis and that is pretty much the safe uniform for any guy in any season. It's classic and it works. So, we started thinking about other must-have's starting with shirts. If you had to narrow down your closet to just five essential shirts, what would they be? Here are our suggestions for your top five shirts that are a good base for the rest of your wardrobe. The White Shirt Linen or cotton, the white shirt goes with everything. It's crisp and clean and says "I'm Zen.  Let's go to work or for a drive along the coast. Whatever you want, I'm the backdrop for the great day you're about to have." tdwhite1   The Non-Iron Subtle Stripe The perfect shirt for travel. It doesn't wrinkle and you look like a million bucks, regardless of how late your plane got in last night. stripe   Classic Gingham Button-Down Sure, it reminds you of your dad but this Thomas Dean version of the classic is updated with a modern collar and notched cuffs. When in doubt, go blue. It makes the whites of your eyes look whiter and you look wide-awake, even if you did slave away at that report all night. tdgingham    The Classic Plaid A plaid shirt is just plain sharp in a prep school kind of way. This shirt says " Take me apple picking on a brilliant, sunny October day. Roll up my sleeves and let's fill up this bushel basket before we enjoy a nice cold bottle of  hard cider while sitting on a hay bale." tdplaid1     The Stand-Out Stunner This is the shirt that will make an impression. You know that one shirt that you put on to make a statement? This is the one. It's purple, it's paisley. It's happy. Wear this shirt and tell the world "I am confident and today I am owning it." td-stunner  


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