TD Style Council No. 1: Holiday Parties

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IMG_3451_01Q: What do you recommend for a holiday party? I'd like a look that's different from what I usually wear to the office. A: Rule #1 – Be comfortable and you’ll be confident. Have immaculately fitting foundation pieces always at the ready.  Spend the money to get one classic blazer or suit tailored to perfection.  Have shoes and a belt that match.  Done! Now the fun begins.  Remember, you’re going to a party, not the office!  If your doorman/daughter/date can’t tell the difference, head back to the closet. Look for that rarely worn piece that injects a bit of your unique style – a jewel-tone sweater, a vest, paisley tie or an over-the-top pocket square.  Let one piece do the talking and keep the rest of your garments simple, yet formal.  That being said, a monochromatic look pairing different textures in the same color family never fails to be understated yet elegant. Try this Thomas Dean look available now at Do you have a question for the TD Style Council? Send your question to


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