TDesign: How the Chambray Blazer Bridges Summer, Autumn

Posted by Brian Cleary on

Depending on where you live and the time of day, late summer can present you with sartorial challenges. Blistering sun? Cool evening breeze? Light drizzle? How do you prepare for each? Then throw in how we live. In the same day, we might work, walk a dozen blocks, ride a subway, dine alfresco, go to an open-air concert, a ballgame or a bonfire. The key that turns all the tumblers? The Chambray blazer. It’s your passport to all of these lands. Throw it over your shoulder on the train. Button it up when you’re rocking a dress shirt for that totally grown-up vibe. If you’ve never offered up a jacket to a lady on a cool evening, you’re missing out on one the many “movie moments” of being a gentleman. Can you wear it with shorts? Um, can Serena Williams beat you at tennis (and, just about everything else)? The beauty of this piece: the tailoring says country club, but the material says cookout. Can you wear it with a hoodie? Yep. White denim? See hoodie. Khakis and a button-up sport shirt? Only if you want every woman in the room to nudge their guy and say, “How come you never dress up for anything?” Finally, what the Chambray blazer does an amazing job of? Dressing up your indie band t-shirt and throwing some shade over that unoriginal tribal tattoo you got junior year. Winner, winner, chicken dinner. And no matter where you eat that dinner, you’ll be killin’ it in this jacket. Check out our Pinterest board for more style inspiration. 


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