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We were all set to watch the Opening Ceremony of the Sochi Olympics. We had cocoa. We had popcorn. We had a scorecard.  Sure, most of the opening ceremony fashion was predictable - wintery, puffy jackets and snow pants. However, some attire just thrilled us to pieces. Take the Tongans. I mean, seriously, palm trees on a down coat? Gold! french

(AP Photo/Petr David Josek)

We also gave high style points to the French. Their puffy grey blazer and khaki pants reminded us a bit of parochial school uniforms. These athletes will certainly get post-Olympics mileage out of their no-nonsense pieces. Can you see them out and about on blustery Paris mornings as picking up high protein snacks and vegetables at the Saturday market? germany

(AP Photo/Petr David Josek)

What didn't work? Well, in a word, Germany. What were you thinking? We appreciate the pop of color in the midst of winter gloom, but this looks a bit too much like different designers each tackled a different piece without consulting each other. Though from the looks on their faces they seem pretty happy, even with the 70's Boho meets Crayola inspired  fashion. No, definitely no. TAWAN   OK, we admit it. Taiwan left us confused. Was it an opening ceremony outfit? A graduation gown? An astronaut's jumpsuit?  While we give this small contingency a perfect 10.0 for excitement, their outfits don't win any medals.


If the Sochi Olympics have inspired you to get out there and try a new winter activity, dress the part with a Thomas Dean Ultra-Light Down Jacket, perfect for a spin on the ice or a walk through the park.  Paired with a 100% Merino wool scarf, you'll score high marks with this warm yet lightweight and fashion forward look. scarf2 As the Olympic games continue, which Olympic sport are you most looking forward to?


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