No-Risk Style Upgrade #1: Denim

Posted by Brian Cleary on


Fear not the denim!  The most versatile of fabrics, it's no wonder denim became the workhorse of the working-man's wardrobe.  But you don't have to look like a cowboy or a Backstreet Boy.  Here are a half-dozen ways to rock the denim in a risk-free way. 1.  Order up by one size and wear it like a jacket over all black or chalky grey, for a bad-ass travel outfit.  TSA pre-check advised. 2.  Amp-up your workday look by replacing the ubiquitous white or light blue dress shirt with its chambray counterpart.  Be prepared for compliments at the water cooler. 3.  Mix it with street-wear like camo or joggers for an effortless look you can still wear to meet your mom for weekend brunch.  Alternatively, take your boilerplate weekend outfit, remove the t-shirt, replace with an indigo button down.  Instant upgrade. 4.  Conversely, wear it to the fanciest weekend dinner party by tucking it in and pairing it with a sharply tailored suit jacket.  Channel your inner Tom Ford. 5.  Double-up on denim?  For sure.  A chambray sport shirt can be paired with an everywhere-denim jacket.  But balance it out on the bottom with khaki or tobacco chinos (spring/summer) or lightweight flannel suit pants (fall/winter). 6.  Want to stand out on this summer's wedding circuit?  Pair a lightweight chambray dress shirt with a summer-weight khaki suit.  Best-dressed guest award!


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