TDesign: Is It Time to Change Your Pants?

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The best style tip I ever read was this: On a day when you're feeling a little taller, standing a little straighter, and you’ve got an unexplained bounce in your step, look at what you’re wearing. And buy more of it. I’ll even add to that: When someone says, “You look like you’ve lost a few pounds,” and you know you haven’t, the same advice applies. Enter the TDX Super Flex “trouser fit” chinos and 5-pocket jean by Thomas Dean. See those two tips above? Check and check. It might interest you to know that engineers have sweated every detail from top to no-droopy-bottom. That a team was dedicated to figuring out a way to get a trimmer fit through the thigh and knee without making you feel crowded and all bunched up. Maybe you care that an auto-locking zipper was added for a more secure closure. That a hypothesis was floated that a tapered leg gives a leaner silhouette. Perhaps it’s important to you to know that flexible cotton paired with a pinch of poly was going to give you this rare hybrid of style and comfort. And just maybe, if you’re like me, you don’t care how they’re made. You want pants that are fit flattering but still leave plenty of room for your stuff. And I’m not just talking about your iPhone. One final tip: When you’re investing in well-made clothes, make sure they’re versatile. I’d say if a single pair of pants can take you from a bachelor party to the wedding to the reception, they pass the test. Dad pants, RIP. 

TDX On The Move


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