How to Dress Like a Star (hint: it's about the fit)

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td-red George Clooney always looks good in photos. So do Michael Buble and Don Cheadle. These are men who know how to dress. Whether it's a pale blue linen shirt worn with a pair of khakis or a tuxedo, these men wear clothes with ease. It isn't that every piece of clothing is tailored to them. It's that they know how to dress. Somewhere along the line, a costume designer, a publicist or maybe a fashion conscious significant other taught them that when a shirt fits like it was made for you, your confidence goes up and you feel like a million bucks. Sure, these fellas are indeed worth a million bucks (or ahem, considerably more) but with a simple tip, you can learn how to pull off the same look. Here's where to start:  The trick is to know your body type. Are you built like a football player? Are your shoulders wider than your waist? Are you lean? Do you lift weights or do you run?  If you want a shirt style that will feel tailored, look for the following descriptions: Traditional fit: Fits well with just a little extra fabric. The sides of the shirt are cut straight. Tailored fit: This cut is more body-conscious. The sides of this shirt taper in slightly, shaping the chest and waist. Tall fit: Recommended for men 6'0 and taller. Thomas Dean Co. for example, cuts Tall shirts 1 1/2 inches longer with sleeve length 1 1/4 inches longer than the traditional fit. Slim fit: You run, bike, swim. Yoga is the way you chill after work. Look for this slim cut which is narrower through the entire garment, including the sleeves, arm openings and body. (Note: Thomas Dean Co. does not carry a slim fit. However, the Tailored fit would be a great option.) Big & Tall fit: You lift weights, you play football, you have a more substantial physique. For more details, check out this sizing chart. It will help you figure out exactly what range you're in. Whether you're a Traditional Large, Tailored Medium or 2XLB&T, wearing a dress or sport shirt that is cut for your physique will have you feeling like you could give Mr. Clooney a run for Best Dressed Man.


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