Celebrating the Fourth: Beach, Baseball, BBQ and Boardwalk

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11522118374_37b25c1336_z-2 Earlier this morning, as we were planning for the week, here in the studio we started talking about our plans for the Fourth of July and what we decided is that Independence Day is just such a perfect holiday. There are no gifts to buy, no deciding whose house you have to go to on which day and no stress. It's just a holiday where we remember our history and we relax with the people we love. So, we started to make a list of the things we love about this holiday and it turns out what makes us happiest is just the little things like the cold sweetness of a watermelon slice on a Saturday afternoon or deciding which fireworks pattern we liked the most. If you haven't planned your holiday weekend yet, here's what we collectively came up with this morning. Whatever your plans may be for this holiday, may you be surrounded with people who make you happy!

Top Ten Favorite Things to Do This Holiday Weekend

1.  Fireworks at the beach. 2. Taking the ferry with our bikes and biking to brunch. 3. Holding hands and strolling along the boardwalk, enjoying soft serve ice cream on a hot evening. 4. Taking the dog to the lake so he can cool off and swim, just because he looks so happy doing it. 5. It doesn't matter if it's the national leagues or your hometown guys, a baseball game with a beer and a hot dog is just about the best afternoon ever. 6. Sitting on a blanket on the lawn enjoying an outdoor movie. 7. Making a pitcher of margaritas and Baja fish tacos on a hot night. 8. Sleeping outside in the backyard with the kids and the dogs (and lots of mosquito repellent!) 9. Writing our names in the air with sparklers! 10. A BBQ  with everyone from grandparents to little kids and dogs. Happy Fourth of July! Suggested SHIRT4 pants  


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